What is an Anglican?

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Have you ever wondered what you are?  We can help with that!  Some 35 years ago when he was rector here at St. John’s, the Ven. Ray Farrell produced a booklet called What is an Anglican The Worship Committee has spent considerable time in editing, updating, expanding, revising and illustrating the booklet, which we hope will be a valuable resource to you in determining what you are as an Anglican.  It can perhaps sharpen your perception of what Anglicanism actually is and help to inform your non-Anglican friends concerning our faith.

Our original document is in colour and much more attractive than in black and white, but, alas, our copying machine only does black and white and we have no budget for colour printing.  We are investigating this, but in the meantime we are placing black and white copies at the back of the church for those interested.  We will also post the document on our website and make it available electronically to other parishes. We hope this document will prove useful to you.

Your Clergy and Worship Committee

Download the What is an Anglican Booklet to read or print.