The Banner

The Banner is our parish newsletter. Published four times a year, the Banner contains articles, stories, pictures, cartoons and announcements about parish activities and members of our St. John’s family. Everything in the Banner is submitted by parishoners.  The Banner is always looking for articles, stories, photos and submissions for publication.

All copies of The Banner are in PDF format.

The May 2017 Issue of the Banner The May 2017 Issue of The Banner is now available!
This issue includes:

  • St. John the Evangelist and the Mission of God
      – by The Reverend Lyndon Hutchison-Hounsell, Tssf (Rector)
  • Hallelujah Chorus
    – The Choir with Brass, Timpani and Piano  on Easter Sunday,
    – Led By our Musical Director Allan Bevan
  • Parish News
     – Tony Rudd Retires (from planning & nurturing our beautiful gardens)
     – Confirmation Service
     – Shrove Tuesday Pancake Supper (fellowship with musical accompaniment)
     – Samia’s Syrian Supper (prepared by our Syrian family)
     – Gabriel & his St. John’s Organ
    – (Gabriel Kney tribute concert to the builder of our organ in 1984)
     – Choir Party
     – Making Palm Crosses
  • Parishioners in the News
     – Vonnie Collyer (Chair of London Affordable Housing Foundation)
     – Jim and Eva Good
    – (representing the Good Foundation Inc.’s contribution to Fanshawe College)

     – Biden Hall (featured actor in the CBC’s history series “The Story of Us”)
  • Church Restoration Plans Underway
    by Petey Noble, Rector’s Warden
  • Re-imagining The Church 
     – opinions by Cody Barteet, and Jim Hartley
  • Sunday of the Passion / Palm Sunday
     – by The Reverend Lyndon Hutchison-Hounsell, Tssf (Rector)
  • The Christian Family Tree
      – by Rev. Greg Little
  • Memories of Terry Finlay
      – by Rev. Dr. John Thompson
  • Memories of Dr. John Foreman
      – by Munson McKinney
  •  Love for Christ in Outreach and Social Justice at St. John’s
      – by Cory Davies
      – including “I was in Prison and you Visited Me” – by Jarrod G. Shook
  • Bridges Out of Poverty | Circles
     – by Stewart McIntyre
  •  Homily
     – by Rev. Dr. Stephen McClatchie
  • “Happy Easter and 50 Days of Chocolate”
  • Mother’s Day Homily
     – on Primate’s World Relief and Development Fund (PWRDF)
    – by Janice Biehn Douglass
  •  Children and Youth Ministry Report
     By Ilona Bevan
    – St. John’s Receives a Canada Summer Jobs Grant Host Local Art Series
    – Serenity Prayer
    – Truth and Reconciliation – Reflections on the Blanket Exercise
    – Journey! Children’s Ministry (Easter to June 25th)
    – Ad for Annual Outdoor Service & Picnic
    – Bring Your Best Friend to Church
    – Sons of Thunder Join Together for Vacation Bible School Summer Camp!
  • Library Corner May 2017
    – by Judy Tuck
  • Passages
  • Upcoming Events