Newcomers welcome!

All are welcome. Are you new to St. John’s, to London, or to the Anglican flavour of Christianity?  First and foremost, welcome!  We have much to offer.  Whether visiting us is the first or 500th step on your spiritual journey, we are happy to share the joy, support, and comfort that our Sacred Creator provides through caring people who journey together.  Below you will find lots of information that can help you to begin to know who we are at St. John’s and how we can walk the way of life together.

Photo of St. John's during a service.

What does St. John’s have to offer?

All are welcome. Well, we believe that the Holy Spirit has given us all many gifts and talents and that we all experience many needs.  And so, quite simply, we need to match your needs, talents and interests to serve so that we meet the needs in our local community and the whole world.  The buttons below will link you to information about just a few of the many ways that we are nurtured spiritually at St. John’s so that we can serve in the world.

Spiritual Needs Music Volunteering

How to become a member of St. John’s

All are welcome. All you have to do is show up, contribute and get baptized – unless you are already baptized, in which case you can join us in our lifelong journey of figuring out what it means to live out our baptismal covenant as members of the Body of Christ.  There are no dues and no admission forms, but we do appreciate donations to pay our bills and some contact info so we can keep you posted on all the great stuff that’s happening.  Our doors are open to all.  Just make yourself known to one of our clergy, a warden, or one of our volunteer greeters at any service.  You can also contact the church office at 519-432-3743.

What is Anglicanism?

Anglican Christianity traces its origins all the way back to Jesus and his first followers.  After a few centuries Christians started to settle in Ireland and Scotland.  A few centuries later, Augustine of Canterbury settled in the southeast of what we now call England.  Then around 1500 the Great Reformation occurred when there were many followers of Christ in England and other countries who did not agree with the Church in Rome and so decided to go their own way.  However, many of the customs and traditions were kept so what we do on Sunday morning is quite similar to what our Roman Catholic and Lutheran brothers and sisters do.  Like all Christians our primary story and inspiration comes from the Bible, but we certainly read and learn from other teachers, even from some other religions, and we accept the discoveries and teachings of modern science.  We encourage you to bring your brain to church with you so that you can think critically while nurturing your spirit and discerning your vocation as a member of the human race sharing the whole of creation.

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The Anglican Church of Canada

How do we carry out our programs?

St. John’s is supported by the generosity and stewardship of our congregation.  We depend on the gifts of time, talent and money of those within our parish to operate our many valuable programs.  Weekly offering envelopes or pre-authorized payment allow us to issue receipts for income tax purposes.  Envelopes area available from the Church office.  Donations can also be made online through by clicking the image below.

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