At St. John’s we strongly believe in serving and supporting the community.  As a result, in addition to weekly worship, a major part of our Christian ministry includes volunteerism and outreach activities.  In the past we have supported causes in London and around the world touching on issues including poverty, social justice, children’s issues and community health.

We have over 30 different groups in our church that allow you to get involved in the community and to volunteer your time towards activities ranging from community outreach, participation in worship, and community fellowship.  All are welcome to join in our volunteer and outreach activities.  Note that some volunteer groups are parish-based and may require attendance at worship or membership in the congregation.

If you are a high school student, we will sign off on your 40 hours of community service.

Musical Groups

Handbell Choir
The handbell choir meets as required on Thursdays at 7pm to rehearse for special services. New members are always welcome. An ability to read music is an asset but not required.
Our Choir is for all adults and high school students interested in raising their voices in song at our Sunday morning services.  Rehearsals are Thursdays at 8pm.  New members all always welcome.  An ability to read music is an asset but not required.  

Children and Youth

Children's Ministry
St. John’s provides an arts and science based Children’s Ministry program during our 10:30 AM service for ages 3-12. Teen and adult volunteers keep our program engaging and vibrant and new members are welcomed regularly. Our curriculum is designed by our Children and Youth Ministry Developer and uses a variety of arts and sciences to explore faith and biblical story. We also have a playroom for toddlers and young ones as well as a dedicated children’s area in our worship space so children wishing to stay in the service with their families can also have quiet activities to engage in.

Community Outreach

Saturday Evening Dinner Program (Hospitality Meal)
Every Saturday night at 5pm, a nourishing dinner is served in the parish hall to the needy of our community. Rotating teams of volunteers assist in food preparation on Friday morning as well as setting up, preparing and serving on Saturday between 3:30 and 7pm. New volunteers are always welcome.
The Alongsiders Program comes under the auspices of The Anglican Fellowship of Prayer. Those in this program are primarily shut-ins, handicapped, elderly or isolated people who minister to the church by prayer. They work through their prayer ‘alongside’ the rest of the congregation. Our Alongsiders are sent a monthly calendar and are asked to pray daily for all the activities which take place in the parish.
Sidespersons (Greeters)
Together with the Wardens, the Sidespeople act as the welcoming committee for the church at the 10:30 service. A warm greeting or a word of encouragement can mean a world of difference to old and new parishoners alike. Volunteers are always welcome.
This group of volunteers provide refreshments and fellowship possibilities each week after Sunday worship and some parish events.

Worship and Parish Life

Pastoral Care Team
The Pastoral Care Team at St. John’s began its extended ministry in 1986. The ministry of the Pastoral Care Team members includes a committment to pastoral visitation in parishoners’ homes and in health care facilities. Some members also visit the parents of newly baptised children, newcomers to the parish and those who are bereaved. A group of lay ministers take the Eucharist on a monthly basis to those who are homebound.

The Pastoral Care Team meets regularly to provide mutual support and to participate in continuing pastoral care education opportunities. All are welcome.

Sunday Intercessors
Intercessors lead the congregation in the Prayers of the People during the 10:30 service each week.  Volunteers rotate through a schedule allowing everyone who is interested to participate in this important part of our worship.  Training is available for anyone wishing to be involved .
Prayer Circle
This group meets two evenings per month to pray together for those in need of God’s healing love. With the person’s consent, names for prayer may be suggested to any member of the Prayer Circle. The members keep track of the person’s progress. In addition, the group prays for the broader needs of the parish and the world.
Healing Ministry
During the 1st and 3rd Sundays of the month, prayer teams are available in the chapel for healing prayer. You may ask for prayer for yourself, or for those we carry in our prayers. Anointing with chrism (blessed oil) is available upon request.
LIFE Groups
LIFE Group is a face-to-face gathering of people who meet regularly with the common purpose of discovering and growing in the possibilities of the abundant life. LIFE Groups are:
Small: five to ten people is ideal so that everybody can be heard
Intentional: commitment to the group is a high priority
Personal: sharing experiences and insights is more important than mastering content to develop closer relationships with each other and with God.
Conversational: leaders facilitate supportive conversation rather than teach
Friendly: a warm, accepting, non-judgemental atmosphere
Christ-Centered: the LIFE group experience is bibilcally based, related to the real worl and founded in Christ
Altar Servers Guild
This guild is for anyone of Senior Public School and Secondary School age who would like to take a more active role in the liturgy or the formal services of the church. This involves a period of training under the leadership of the clergy. It also involves fun and fellowship in the parish family. The Servers also enjoy social times together throughout the year such as bowling, movies and mini golf etc. This is an area of ministry well suited to young people
The Banner (Parish Newsletter)
The parish newsletter, The Banner is published approximately 4 to 5 times a year. The Banner brings you up to date on events at St. Johns’. Submissions, comments and suggestions are gladly received from all members of the congregation.

Fellowship and Social Groups

St. John's Women
St. John’s Women is a group representing all women of our parish. Under the leadership of our executive and a newly formed steering committee we seek to engage women of all demographic in our events and projects. We are self-funded through our annunal fundraiser known as the Christmas Food and Gift Emporium held each November. In past years, we have hosted many social events such as dinners, breakfasts with speakers and baking bees. Watch for our notices and please join us.
St. John's Men
This is a group of men of our parish who meet for fellowship and to assist with church events.
A Newcomer social evening will be held and vistation may be arranged with the clergy.
Social Seniors
This is a lively group of people “over 55” who enjoy each other’s company. Meetings are held at the church approximately 4 times per year with lunch and entertainment. New members are always welcome. Watch for notices of our upcoming events in the Evangle and come and join us!
Mondays at One
Creative women of all ages (who enjoy making things for outreach) meet every Monday at 1:00pm in the parish hall. Newcomers are always welcome.

Operations and Administration

Outreach Committee
St. John’s embraces a community far larger than that within its four walls and it is that community that is the focus of the Outreach Committee. Poverty in London is in paticular a huge concern that we are attempting to address creatively. Our major initiatives are concerned with the “Four H’s”: hunger, hospitality, housing and Huron (Huron Church Camp, Huron College and the Huron Diocese). This has led to – among many other projects – the Saturday Night Meal Program, support for the Daily Bread Food Bank, the LIFT housing project and sponsorship and support for refugees. We meet monthly and all are welcome.
Worship Committee
This committee assists in planning the services of the church year and considers all worship-related issues of concern to our parish. The purpose is to give greater meaning and vitality to our identity as the Body of Christ in this place and time.  As a cross-section of the parish, the committee should represent the variety of opinions, values and traditions which make up our congregation at St. John the Evangelist. New members are always welcome.
Altar Guild
This group of women is responsible for the preparation of the sanctuary for the variety of servies in the church. They maintain the Eucharist vessels, silver and breass candle holders, linens and keep the sacristy in good order. Prior to all worship and special servies, they “set the table” with flowers, clean linens and altar vessels. Following each service, the vessels are cleansed and linens laundered.  Members are divided into four groups who share the duties once per month on Saturday, Sunday and Wednesday.  Altar flowers are delivered to the ill and shut-ins on Monday. Our Flower Secretary coordinates and arranges the memorial flowers.  All members must be confirmed and regular communicants.
Communications Committee
The committee works at coordinating and making more effective all vehicles of Parish Communication. This includes notices, bulletin boards, flyers, the Evangel, email and inter-departmental communications.
Property Committee
This group of people oversee the repairs and maintenance of the church, parish hall and Sunday School area. Anyone with maintenance skills and an interest in helping to preserve our unique heritage building is most welcome to use their talents in this area.
Financial Development Committee
A group of parishoners who organize and carry out the annual financial appeal as well as dealing with other stewardship issues. Inquiries and new members are always welcome.
Library Committee
This committee oversees the organization and maintenance of our Church Library collection and the ongoing acquisition of new materials to expand our present collection.